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Besides of ordinary PCB boards, PCB ShinTech also specialized on complex high quality Rigid-flex PCBs, Heavy copper circuit boards, HDI boards with ELIC, RF/Microwave circuit boards, High speed digital PCBs, Ceramic PCBs, Metal core PCBs, and other requirements incorporating the latest technology, for a variety of industries from telecommunications to medical, industrial control, consumer electronics, military & aerospace, automotive and more. PCBShinTech will keep you up-to-date with cutting edge advancements available in the market today.

Especially for advanced PCBs, PCB ShinTech understands the need for quality. We put quality and dependability first. All of our PCBs are RoHS compliance and tested and certified with ISO9001, TS16949 and UL. Some with AS9100. Tell us about the specification or requirements of printed circuit boards your needs. We will quote the most cost-effective prices for you.


• PCB type  Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible

• Layer count  1-50 Layers

• Qty req. >=1  prototype, quick turn, small order, mass production

•  Materials  FR-4, High TG FR-4, Rogers, Polyimide, Aluminum Clad, Metal core, Others

•  High Temperature, High Frequency Material

•  Finished copper 0.5-18oz

•  Min line trace/space 0.002/0.002" (2/2mil or 0.05/0.05mm)

•  Any Drill Size between 0.004" and 0.350"

•  Solder Mask  Customizable

•  Silkscreen Color  Customizable

•  Controlled Impedance

•  Surface Finish  HASL, OSP, Nickle, Immersion Gold, Imm Tin, Imm Silver, etc.

•  RoHS Compliant

•  100% Electrical Testing Included

•  IPC600 Class II or higher Standards

•  ISO-9001, ISO-14000, UL, TS16949, sometimes AS9100 Certified

Lead Time

5-15 work day, express production and scheduled shipping is available. Please contact our sales representatives for details.


Material: FR-4 TG170


Board Thickness: 2 mm

Min. Track/Spacing: 3/3mil

Min Hole Size: 0.15mm

Surface Finish: Immersion gold

Application: Security Monitoring


Material: TLY-5 + S1000-2M

Layers: 6

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Track/Spacing: 3/3mil

Min Hole Size: 0.15mm

Surface Finish: Immersion gold

Application: telecommunication

Material: FR-4 + FCCL

Layers:10 rigid + 4 flexible

Board Thickness: 1.0 mm

Min. Track/Spacing: 4/4mil

Min Hole Size: 0.20 mm

Surface Finish: Immersion gold

Application: Medical

Heavy copper2
RF Microwave

Material: FR-4

Layers: 6

Board Thickness: 2 mm

Min. Track/Spacing: 10/10mil

Min Hole Size: 0.4 mm

Thickness of Copper: 10 oz

Surface Finish: Immersion gold

Application: Power

Send your enquiry or quote request to us at sales@pcbshintech.com to get connected to one of our sales representatives who have the industry experience to help you get your idea to market.

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