PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Items Standard PCB Advanced PCB
Manufacturing Capacity 40,000 m2 per month 40,000 mper month
Layer 1,2, 4, up to 10 layers 1,2, 4, up to 50 layers
Material FR-4, CEM-1, Aluminum, etc. FR-4 (Normal to high Tg), High CTI FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Polymide (PI), Rogers, Glass Epoxy, Aluminium Base, Rohs Compliant, RF, etc.
PCB type Rigid Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flexible
Min. Core Thickness 4mil/0.1mm(2-12 layer),  2mil/0.05mm (≥13layer) 4mil/0.1mm(2-12 layer),  2mil/0.06mm (≥13layer)
Prepreg Type 1080, 2116, 765-8, 106, 3313, 2165, 1500 1080, 2116, 765-8, 106, 3313, 2165, 1500
Max Board Size 26''*20.8 '' /650mm*520mm Customizable
Board Thickness 0.4mm/16mil-2.4mm/96mil 0.2mm/8mil-10.0mm/400mil
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm (Board Thickness<1.0mm); ±10% (Board Thickness≥1.0mm) ±0.1mm (Board Thickness<1.0mm); ±4% (Board Thickness≥1.0mm)
Dimensional deviation ±0.13mm/5.2mil ±0.10mm/4 mil
Warping Angle 0.75% 0.75%
Copper Thickness 0.5-10 oz 0.5-18 oz
Copper Thickness Tolerance ±0.25 oz ±0.25 oz
Min. Line Width/Space 4mil/0.1mm 2mil/0.05mm
Min. Drill Hole Diameter 8mil/0.2mm (mechanical) 4mil/0.1mm (laser), 6mil/0.15mm (mechanical)
PTH Wall Thickness ≥18μm ≥20μm
PTH Hole Tolerance ±3mil/0.076mm ±2mil/0.05mm
NPTH Hole Tolerance ±2mil/0.05mm ±1.5mil/0.04mm
Max. Aspect Ratio 12:1 15:1
Min. Blind/Buried Via 4mil/0.1mm 4mil/0.1mm
Surface Finish HASL, OSP, Immersion Gold HASL, OSP, Nickle, Immersion Gold, Imm Tin, Imm Silver, etc.
Solder Mask Green, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black Green, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple, etc. Customizable
Solder Mask offset ±3mil/0.076mm ±2mil/0.05mm
Silkscreen Color Green, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Purple, Transparent, Grey, Yellow, Orange, etc. Customizable
Silkscreen Min. Line Width 0.006'' or 0.15mm 0.006'' or 0.15mm
Impedance Control ±10% ±5%
Hole Location Tolerance ±0.05mm, ±0.13mm (2nd drilled hole to 1st hole location) ±0.05mm, ±0.13mm (2nd drilled hole to 1st hole location)
PCB Cutting Shear, V-Score, Tab-routed Shear, V-Score, Tab-routed
Tests and inspection A.O.I., Fly Probe Testing, ET test, Microsection Inspection, Solderability Test, Impedance Test, etc. A.O.I, Fly Probe Testing, ET test, Microsection Inspection, Solderability Test, Impedance Test, etc.
Quality Standard IPC Class II IPC Class II, IPC Class III
Certification UL, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, TS16949:2009, RoHS etc. UL, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2008, TS16949:2009, AS9100, RoHS, etc.

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Services Turnkey-from bare boards manufacturing, Component sourcing, assembly, package, delivery; Kitted/partial turkey-partial processes of list above according to requires of customer.
Facilities 15 in-house SMT lines, 3 in-house through-hole lines, 3 in-house final assembly lines
Types SMT, Thru-hole, Mixed  (SMT/Thru-hole), Single or double sided placement
Lead Time Quickturn, Prototype or small amount: 3-7work days days (all parts are ready). Mass Order: 7-28 work days (all parts are ready); Scheduled delivery available
Testing on Products X-ray Inspection, ICT (In-Circuit Testing), 100% BGA X-Ray Inspection, AOI Testing (Automated Optical Inspection), Testing Jig/Mold, Functional Test, Counterfeit Component Inspection (for kitted assembly type), etc.
PCB Specifications Rigid, Metal Core, Flexible, Flex-Rigid
Quantity MOQ: 1 pc. Prototype, small order, mass production
Parts Procurement Turnkey, Kitted/ Partial Turnkey
Stencials Laser cut stainless steel
Nano-coating available
Soldering types Leaded, Lead-free, RoHS Compliant, No-clean and Water Clean Fluxes
Files Needed PCB: Gerber files (CAM, PCB, PCBDOC)
Components: Bill of Materials (BOM List)
Assembly: Pick & Place file
PCB Panel Size Min. Size: 0.25*0.25 inch (6mm*6mm)
Max Size: 48*24 inch (1200mm*600mm)
Components Details Passive Down to 01005 size
BGA and Ultra-Fine (uBGA)
Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP
Quad Flat Package No-Lead (QFN)
Quad Flat Package (QFP)
Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)
Package-On-Package (PoP)
Small Chip Package (Fine Pitch to 0.02mm/0.8 mils)
Double-sided SMT Assembly
automatic placement of Ceramic BGA, Plastic BGA, MBGA
Removing & Replacing BGA's & MBGA's, down to 0.35mm pitch, up to 45mm
BGA Repair and Reball
Part Removal and Replacement
Cable and Wire
Component package Cut Tape, Tube, Reels, Partial Reel, Tray, Bulk, Loose Parts
Quality IPC Class II / IPC Class III
Other Capabilities DFM Analysis
Aqueous Cleaning
Conformal coating
PCB Testing Services




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