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The prototyping stage is one of the most critical periods for engineers, freelancers, and hobbyists and others. PCB ShinTech realizes that a successful new product introduction demands that integration of the product design and the design processes align seamlessly with your product manufacturing strategy. We’d like to help customers launch products by providing fabrication, test and engineering expertise. We ensure our customers get a quick turn on their PCB fabrication and assembly services and provide both scalability for volume manufacturing, as well as the flexibility to respond to your needs — meeting your quality, lead time and cost.

Try our PCB prototyping and small volume production services, one of the best value fast-turnaround PCB prototyping services anywhere. Remember, every PCB we fabricate and assemble is 100% electrically tested and automated inspection (AOI) is used throughout the PCB manufacturing process. Our turn time can be as short as 24 hours after your Gerber and other files being reviewed and approved by our engineers, greatly saving you time in your work.

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Always included:

Bare PCB

Any Drill 0.008" or Larger - Plated or Non Plated
Trace/space down to 2/2 mils
Internal Cutouts - Plated or Non Plated
100% Electrical Testing Included
ISO, UL, IATE16949 Certified
Production time: 3-7 work days;
Express production time: 1-3 work days

PCB Assembly

Ball Grid Array (BGA)
Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (uBGA)
Passive Down to 01005 size
²Small Chip Package (Fine Pitch to 0.02mm)
100% BGA X-Ray Inspection, AOI, Testing Jig/Mold, etc.
Production time: 3-7 work days if all parts and bare boards are ready;
Express time: 1-3 work days if all parts and bare boards are ready; 

Send your inquiry or quote request to us at sales@pcbshintech.com to get connected to one of our sales representatives who have the industry experience to help you get your idea to market.

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